Gel Based Foods-an Easy Recipe For You To Follow And Prepare.


With more and more fish keepers trying to save money in the hobby, preparing their own foods is becoming more and more popular, obviously different fish species have different diets so the ingredients added to the foods vary according to the fish that you keep so for the purpose of this article we will discuss preparing a suitable food for Goldfish, the ingredients suggested for this food are only some that you can use and any recipe can be adjusted to suit the needs of your fish whether they be herbivorous, carnivorous or even omnivorous as in the case f the Goldfish.

The recipe given below is for a Gel food, the word “Gel” refers to the use of Gelatine to bind the food together, this is very simple to use, full instructions are supplied with the product but following our steps should ensure that you have no problems preparing the food for your fish.

Included in the recipe are a variety of meaty foods, vegetable based foods and vitamins which are important for growth and the general health of your fish.
So below I will now list the usual ingredients that I normally add, using the same quantities will supply you with a large mix of food but dont worry it can be stored for up to a week in the refrigerator and months longer in the freezer.

For the vegetable content I always like to add peas, frozen peas are best and along with these I also add spinach and a few pieces of carrot, this provides a good mix of vegetables but you can basically add most greens such as beans, the choice is yours. For meaty foods I veer towards frozen prawns, these are relatively cheap to purchase but you can use such fish as whitebait, sprats or similar. Any fresh vegetables must be blanched before being added to the mix but frozen vegetables can be added straight away as blanching is part of the production process involved in manufacturing these. If you are using frozen prawns it is best to defrost these before adding to the mix and do the same with any frozen fish that you may add.

The vegetable/meat mix will need to be broken down into a paste, you can use either a hand blender, food processor or even a liquidiser, as long as you have a smooth puree the mix will be fine.

Gelatine can be purchased in powder form or in sheets, it doesnt make a great deal of difference which you use but I do find the powder form easier to dissolve. Use warm water to dissolve a couple of packets of the gelatine powder or soak two sheets dependant on which you are using.

The vegetable/meat mix and the gelatine can now be mixed, at this stage I also like to add a tab;et of childrens vitamins, mix everything thoroughly and then prepare a deep tray by placing cling film at the bottom and spread the mix over this after removing the amount that you intend to use that week.
I then add cling film onto the top of the mix and make sure that it is spread quite thinly, this will help to break pieces off when frozen. Leave the mix until set firmly and then place the baking tray into the freezer, once frozen the sheet can be removed from the tray and taken out of the freezer for defrosting when required, remember only to remove enough to last you for a week and store this in the refrigerator.

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