Feeding Your Fish Correctly

fishfood_1One of the major problems that many new fishkeepers have is to work out how much food to add to the aquarium when feeding the fish. It is a common mistake to overfeed and this will then start to cause problems in the tank, as the uneaten food rots it will start to add ammonia and phosphates to the water, this will in turn affect the long term health of your fish and can even start a mini cycle in the aquarium.

In the wild fish do not always find food everyday, quite often they will eat once every 2-3 days without any problems so pouring lots of food into the aquarium is definately not required. Fish also have small stomachs, they fill up quickly with food and can get digestive problems if excess food is still floating around the tank, theyy are very greedy and will try to eat every little bit. The ezcess food can also be drawn into the filter causing it to block and stop running efficiently.

By far the best way of judging the amount of food is to add a little and if the fish eat all of that, add a little bit more. The golden rule is to add enough food to feed the fish in two minutes, if there is any food left over after that you have added too much. By trial and error it will soon become obvious as to how much to add.Different species of fish require different amounts of food, obviously the larger the fish, the larger the intake.

You will find that the larger species of fish will only need feeding once or twice a week, overfeeding these will definately cause digestive problems. Some species of fish require feeding 2-3 times per day, always research the fish before you buy so that you know what to expect and try to talk to fishkeepers who own the species that you are interested in.

Generally for a community tank the fish will only require a small amount of food daily, if you do wish to feed the fish twice a day then divide the amount of food by half each time.If you have to go away on vacation get someone to take over the feeding duties while you are away but make sure that they are shown the correct amount to add to your tank, it only takes a couple of minutes and well worth the effort.

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